In April 2018, the Kawartha Sexual Assault Centre, in partnership with the Mane Intent and Trent University, launched a new website resource – – a starting place for survivors and professional service providers to review information on the Resilience research, factors of resilience and healing from trauma, and local programs and resources for trauma survivors.

In addition to this website launch, the project partners who have been working together on the Building Internal Resilience Through Horses Program funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada, also collaborated on a donation of trauma-informed and resilience books for the Peterborough Public Library (with Peterborough Police Services-Victim Services, the John Howard Society and Peterborough Public Health).

The focus of trauma- and violence-informed practice at the Kawartha Sexual Assault Centre has been informed through research including from the VAW Learning Network at the University of Western Ontario, and the Adverse Childhood Experiences study. To learn more about the ACEs study, view Dr. Nadine Burke-Harris’s TEDTalk and contact the Centre about our upcoming viewing schedule of the Resilience Film.

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